Save My Florida Estate Info

Learn Everything About Leaving Your Assets To The Ones You Care

These are the six Florida Estate Documents included in the Florida Smart Estate Plan and a description of what each one can be used for. You can easily see that each document, just like the same ones someone prepares for you at a cost of $100s to $1,000s more, usually takes only minutes to complete whether you do it yourself or someone else does it for you. CAPITAL LETTERS on each document indicate where and what information you have to enter in each document. Each document also comes with simple line by line written instructions to assist in their easy completion. To view the filled in document click on the box below each document description. You may have to click on the WORD Icon in the lower left corner of your computer to have the filled-in document come up on your screen.

FLORIDA WILL: This document can be used (1) To state who you want to receive a certain share of your estate or specific assets in your estate and who gets that part of your estate should that person die before you do or with you in a common disaster. (2) To name a Personal Representative, the person who collects your assets, pays your estate debts and distributes the share or assets in accordance with what you have stated in the Will. (3) To select an age over 18 that you want someone to receive what you have left them in this Will. (4) To state what you want done with your remains. (5) For any specific miscellaneous instructions you have such as where you want to be buried or your remains scattered if cremated. (6) For who you want to be the guardian(s) of any minor children you may have at the time of your death. (7) Use the Tangible Personal Property form you attach to the Will to leave certain personal assets to specific individuals. An expensive Will is the most wasteful Florida estate document the vast majority of you can get and use if it leaves over $75,000 in assets or any Florida real estate, including your home. Don’t make that costly mistake! Every adult should have a Will even if they don’t have a lot of assets. Click on the box below to view the filled in Will document.

Warning: A Will that leaves over $75,000 in assets can require lengthy, complex and costly probate. This can be avoided by leaving assets in the Florida Living Trust that DO NOT have Pay On Death Beneficiaries. See the FREE estate instructions for these assets that can be left with Pay On Death Beneficiaries.

FLORIDA LIVING TRUST: This document can be used (1) To avoid costly, lengthy and complex probate on assets that if left in a Will as outlined above would require probate. (2) To receive or hold assets that if left to a minor in a Will could require costly court guardianship. (3) To delay the distribution to someone until a certain age or ages (i.e. half at age 30 the remainder at age 40) or to make periodic distributions (i.e. $2,500 per month on the first day of each month or $25,000 annually on the first day of January of each year). This document also includes the form to amend the Trust and a Pour Over Will frequently used with Living Trusts. This Will should be used if you want all of your assets to go into a Living Trust to be distributed. To view all the filled-in Living Trust documents included in the Living Trust, click on the box below.

FLORIDA GENERAL DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY: This document can be used to appoint someone to manage your financial affairs should you become mentally or physically unable to do so yourself. This can avoid costly court guardianship over your financial affairs. This is a document every adult should have.

FLORIDA LIVING WILL: This document can be used to state when you want to be taken off life support if you have a terminal condition or are in an irreversible coma and there is no reasonable hope of your recovery. This document also contains a HIPAA release so you can designate those who you want to have access to get information from your healthcare providers and an organ donor provision if you want that option. This is a document every adult should have.

FLORIDA HEALTH CARE SURROGATE (MEDICAL POWER OF ATTORNEY): This document can be used to appoint someone to make medical decisions for you if you are mentally or physically unable to make them for yourself. This is a document every adult should have.

All three of these filled-in documents can be viewed by clicking on the single box below.

THE FLORIDA ENHANCED LIFE ESTATE DEED: This amazing estate saving deed allows Florida real estate in your name(s), no matter how much it is worth, to remain safely 100% in your name to do with as you please, but then immediately upon your death, title automatically transfers by law directly to those you have named to receive the property in the percentage interest that you indicated on this deed. No interest transfers or vests in anyone until you pass away. Two of these deeds are included. The second deed has contingent beneficiaries the property will go to if the first people you name to receive it die before you do or with you in common disaster. It is filled out the same way as the first deed without contingent beneficiaries except contingent beneficiaries are named below the original beneficiaries where indicated. Either deed can be changed at any time just by recording a new deed with the changes you want made. This automatically revokes the prior recorded deed. Each filled-in document can be viewed by clicking on the box below. A separate deed is required for each Florida property and must be recorded in the county where the property is located. There is no quicker, simpler and less expensive way for loved ones to receive your Florida real estate. Absolutely none. In most cases, this deed should be used instead of Will 100% of the time. This deed can eliminate 100% of the liability and tax issues with adding someone on as a co-owner before you pass away.

PLEASE NOTE: Only the sections of each document that require you to fill in any information are shown for each document. This is so you can see that most estate documents are about 95% or more the same standard language (boilerplate) for everyone, especially a Living Trust which has the most pages of any of these documents that require nothing to be filled in. This is why the vast majority of you can now easily complete them yourself in just minutes if you have the sample filled in form and the simple written instructions to follow. This is the same way legal professionals make these same documents for you in virtually every case.

If you complete the forms on your computer and save them (under whatever you name the completed document), then you can easily change each one yourself in just minutes by making the changes you want in the original document you filled out. Then just print it out the changed document and have it witnessed and notarized. To change the Living Trust you need to use the amendment form included with the Trust. This usually takes from 5 to 15 minutes depending on how many changes you are making. Then have this form witnessed and notarized. Having someone change or make just one of the documents in this plan can cost far more than this plan costs.