Over 40 years of experience preparing 1,000s of estate documents.

Our estate experts have over 45 years of experience, have prepared 1,000s of estate plans and estate documents and have taught Will, Trust and Estate Law to other legal professionals. These are the same documents they use and the same way they and all their family members leave their Florida estates so their loved ones can receive them with the least amount in legal fees, probate court costs and expenses, estate creditor claims and lengthy complex legal hassle that Florida’s newest and best ever estate saving laws now safely allow. Wills and Living Trusts leaving estates can needlessly require $1,000s to $10,000s in these expenses on millions of estates that Florida law allows you to easily, safely and affordably avoid.

This plan was designed so millions of you, by first seeing for FREE how to do it yourself, can get these huge estate savings too that a Will and Living Trust cannot give you. So each of your family members doesn’t have to pay separately for all the documents this plan has, just one plan allows all of you to use these documents.

For all these reasons, we believe this is by far the best, most affordable, single and complete estate saving plan ever offered for the most Florida estates.


Doing It Yourself, To Save More In Estate Expenses, Time & Legal Hassle

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Why 100% of you who are leaving these assets in a Will should use this new plan that allow Pay On Death Beneficiaries!

A Will can require all five of the largest Florida estate expense: Legal Fees, Probate and Probate Court Fees, Estate Creditor Claims, Complex Estate Documents and up to a year or more of legal hassle before ownership of all these assets can be received. On as little as $100,000 of these assets left in a Will, these expenses can total up to $10,000 or more. This plan requires $0.00 of these expenses and legal delays to receive ownership no matter how much these assets are worth.

A Will can allow Florida Medicaid to take 100% of the equity in your home or condominium after you pass away as recovery for the long term care expenses they paid for you. This plan prevents that from happening. If your home or condominium has any significant equity at all, this plan is the most inexpensive way to safely protect it from Florida Medicaid recovery.

If someone is leaving you any of these assets in a Will, you should consider getting this plan for them so you will receive these assets in less time, with less legal hassle and far less in estate expenses. A Will is the worst way to leave the assets this plan covers except for doing nothing.

Why this plan is much better to avoid probate on these assets than a Living Trust!

This plan avoids probate on all of these assets without the need for a Living Trust. This plan allows all of these assets to remain safely 100% in you name. You save 100% of the expense and legal hassle of transferring these assets into a Living Trust. Those receiving these assets save 100% of the time, legal hassle and expenses of getting them out of the Trust after you pass away. 100% of the twenty-four months creditors have to make claims against assets in a Living Trust is eliminated because they have no legal right to make a claim on any of the assets left using this plan.

How much this plan can save in legal fees which are often the largest estate expense!

The legal fees on assets left in a Will that require probate by law can be: $3,000 on $100,000 of assets – $7,500 on $250,000 of assets – $15,000 on $500,000 of assets -$30,000 on $1 million of assets. It’s exactly the same amount of work to probate a $100,000 asset as that same asset worth $1 million, yet the legal fees can be ten times as much. Don’t get taken for any amount of legal fees at all Florida law now allows you to safely avoid! With this plan, no legal fees are required to receive ownership no matter how much you have in the assets this plan covers.

Legal fees on assets left in a Living Trust can be: $2,250 on $100,000 of assets – $5,625 on $250,000 of assets – $11,250 on $500,000 of assets and $22,500 on $1 million of assets.

The legal fees listed are considered reasonable fees under Florida law. Legal fees can exceed these amounts if circumstances warrant.

Why you should you this plan instead of a Will to leave these assets to a minor!

A Will is never the best way to leave minors real estate or any other assets that have any significant value. A Will can not only require expensive and lengthy probate, but after probate is concluded, can also require even more expensive and even more lengthy Probate Court Guardianship. Avoiding both of these court proceedings can save $10,000s of a minors inheritance from being wasted in these proceedings. Using the Living Trust included for free with this plan allows these savings. The instructions of how you do this are included with this plan.

The most important thing you can do to protect your minor children if something should happen to you is for you to decide who raises them, how much of your estate they receive, when they receive it and who manages their part of your estate for them. This should never be left up to some judge who knows nothing about you, your children or your estate. This plan allows you to make these important decisions yourself for your children the way that preserves the most of what you leave them. Not doing this to protect your minor children from the worst thing that can happen to them, losing you, is something no loving parent does, especially when it is now so affordable to do.

FYI: These are the same documents our staff with over forty years of experience preparing 1,000s of these estate documents use for their Florida estates.